For years I enjoyed dining out every day, enjoying wonderful dishes from amazing chefs all while working in the restaurant industry. Friends would ask where and what to eat, and ask about my own food adventures. When I had my child my dining availability became a little more limited. I had to teach myself to cook and began to learn how to create the dishes I had eaten in my own kitchen. Before long, as my own kitchen confidence grew, friends were calling, texting, emailing daily to ask what they should have for dinner or how to prepare ‘this’ or what to do what ‘that’. As it began to gain momentum and my own dinner time was becoming a little more hectic “Arubula’s Kitchen” was created. A weekly dinner menu service where every Friday an email would be sent with 7 dinner recipes and a grocery list created specifically for you in mind. Arubula’s Kitchen has grown into much more than dinner menus, although still a large part, it has become a life style. I have become a beekeeper, a gardener, an advocate for sustainable living, eating locally, and a mother of a child with food allergies. I look forward to enjoying our next meal.